How to warm up for swimming?

Do you know how the professionals do the warm-ups?

Do you know how to warm up for swimming?

Well, let’s take a look at how the profession does first!

Helpful video on how to do the warm-ups.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a thorough warm up.
In this video, there are so many athletes doing bunches of warm-ups before they swim. Doing the warm-up can help us prevent injuries and enhance our performance while doing the exercise.

Moreover, with some equipment, we can have a better warm up. Using the Resistance Bands or the Latex Tubing when doing the warm-ups, we can do more action!

Not knowing how to use? Here is the way.

In this video, it shows how you can do the stretches in varies of different actions with Latex Tubing. Moreover, this equipment can be formed into many types as you need, which can allow us to do more actions.


  • Form of strip






  • Form of closed circle








Using the Latex Tubing, or Resistance Bands to do the warm-up. Look at the video below to see how to do warm up with it!

There are bunches of benefits you can get by using the tubing or the resistance bands. Whether you choose to use the tubing or the resistance bands, I believe that you can strengthen your muscle. And most importantly, doing the workout more effective! So why not try to use it?


A powerful app is what you need for swimming.

Originally, I used to warm up by myself. I mean I will just do the warm-up action without correct guidance. Later on, I got injured from the exercise easily than did the action with the right system. As a result, I start to find some way which can help me do the warm-up in a correct tempo and action.

There is a saying in Chinese, ” When a workman wishes to get his work well done, he must have his tools sharpened first.”

In the end, I found out that apps are really useful and can enhance our warm-up efficiency!

So, what is the app?


A helpful app for the novice makes things easier.

Well, if you don’t know how to do the warm-ups. Or you don’t want to watch the guiding video on the despot and press the stop and start button through the warm-up. Or, you’re a total novice for swimming. Swimming Step By Step can be a nice helper!

There are so many apps aiming to do warm-up or stretching actions. However, few of them are designing for swimmers, especially for the novice one. Swimming Step By Step is the app for you!

Swimming Step By Step is versatile enough to be useful for novice and advanced swimmers alike, packing step-by-step photo and video guides demonstrating proper warm-up, breathing, and swimming techniques for all styles (breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, elementary, and sidestroke).

Don’t worry about how to swim or warm-up. This app will guide you step by step swimming lessons with well-explained video clips:))

So, what are you waiting for? Just Do It!!!


3 things why using apps make workout more effective.

I really recommend you guys to make good use of apps. It’s a revolution for the one who wants to learn how to exercise. The apps help us to live a healthier and better life. And what do I mean by that? Here are some reasons:

  1. We don’t need to hire a coach to teach you how to do certain sports.
  2. We can take the mobile phone with you wherever you want to go.
  3. The mobile phone allows us to make a connection easily with the people having the same interests and make a group to share information growing together.


How to build your own workout plan? Here is the way!

Do you know why is workout plan so important?

I believe you already read the previous content patiently, which means you are a person who are passionate about exercising and also looking for a better way to gain some benefit from exercise in an effective way.

So. I’m going to advocate the concept about workout plan and talk about what is a workout plan.

A workout plan is actually something like the schedule we usually do every day. For instance, doing homework at 7-9 pm and then practicing piano at 9-10pm. And there are more details like writing the task book from page 21-25 in the first hour and reading some materials in the second one. Well, the workout plan is the same thing as that. Imagine if you don’t make a plan for any tasks, it must be really inefficient right? So that’s why there are so many books talking about how to manage your time and effort wisely.


Something you need to know before making a workout plan

What, When and How are something crucial before you make a workout plan.

  • What
    • What is your goal?
    • What do you want to get from the exercise?
    • Strength? Muscle mass? Or Endurance?
  • When
    • How often to workout?
    • When do I workout?
    • When is the main training day?
  • How
    • How many exercises?
    • How many sets/reps?

After you have a general understanding of how to make a plan, then watch the video below. You’ll know something more detail about making a workout plan for yourself.


Right now, you know how to do warm-ups and make a workout plan which can help you to exercise efficiently. Is there something else we need to know?

Do you know what else is missing?

Yes, you lost something crucial.

In addition to exercise, diet is also important. Without a dieting plan, all you have done will probably just do it in vain!

With the right concept about how to eat will be helpful if you really want to lose weight or get a nice figure.

Click the link and get to know how to eat wisely!!

I hope this article can help you out.

If you have any question, please leave a comment below or you can ask by sending emails!

Leave a comment with “Yes” if you know how to warm-up, using apps and making a workout plan!

Leave a comment with “No” if there is something not clear about my article and leave the questions below.


6 thoughts on “How to warm up for swimming?

  1. Shyla says:

    This is such a helpful post. I would love to start a swim workout routine. I have been getting back into fitness lately and this post has some great tips.

  2. Jill du Preez says:

    Hi Sandy, Thank you for this great post. I have had injuries from workouts so it was good to read such great advice.
    It is so easy when in the pool to actually injure yourself if you haven’t warmed up first, as you don’t feel it while in the pool but only afterward.
    I do hope people take heed of your advice.

  3. Ben says:

    Thanks for the informational post! It caught my eye recently as I’m finally just learning how to swim. I haven’t been warming up before the swims but it’s helpful to know how to.
    I think I will check out that app or some tutorial videos before I next go swimming.

    Glad you mentioned diet at the end as well. I’m trying to finish up a cut but it’s hard not to eat too much sometimes! XD


    • Sandy Zheng says:

      Thanks for your comment, Ben! I really appreciate it:)) The reason that I want to advocate the warm-up is that I did get injured from the swimming. After that, I really put emphasis on the warm-up. I’m glad that I can help you!! I’ll work harder to share my life experience and help more people. If I create new content, I’ll share with you right away! Again, thanks a million for your comment!!

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