The most important concept about dieting swimmers must know

Do you know how to eat before and after the workout?

For those people who have questions about dieting, what to eat and how to eat problem might have such questions like:

  • Is it better to eat something before exercise?
  • What should I eat before/after the workout?
  • Can I eat something before I sleep at night?
  • ……..

After that, you might start to search for some advice or information on the Internet. Overwhelming by hundreds of thousands of articles, you keep asking yourself some questions like which advice is suitable for you?


” Calories in and calories out ” is the important key point.

The ” calories in and calories out ” concept is actually a simple mathematical question.

The formula looks like this: ” Calories in (how much you eat) ” – ” Calories out ( how much you exercise) ” = Result

  • Result = 0 >> Maintain the condition.
  • Result < 0 >> Get thinner or a nice figure.
  • Result > 0 >> Get fatter or grow stronger if you exercise more.

So next time, if you have questions about the calories problem, count the calories first. Moreover, there is something crucial you need to know about this concept. Remember, you should record the calories and keep track of it in a period such as one month or one week instead of one day. Since our body is working gradually, so you won’t see the effect right away. Be patience and persevere!


How to make low calories meals easily for swimmers?

Remember the concept of ” calories in and calories out”? Before you make the meal, keep this in mind. Thinking about how much time and effort are you going to put in exercise. Calculate the number of ingredients you need to prepare. Here are some recipes I prefer and I think would be helpful and also easy-to-make.


3 easy-to-make and low-calorie meal plans for swimmers

  1. Low calorie fruit salad
  2. Asian potato salad
  3. Red peppers stuffed tuna

1.Low-calorie fruit salad

  • Ingredients
    • Honey * 3 spoon
    • Fruit pieces * 3 kinds of different fruits
    • Yogurt * 1 cup
    • Lettuce * 5 pieces
  • Steps
  1. Mix the fruit pieces together and put them on the top of lettuce.
  2. Seasoning 1. with honey and yogurt. Or you can mix all the ingredients and dressing together.
  3. Enjoy the meal!


2. Asian potato salad

  • Ingredients
    • Potato * 1
    • Boiled egg * 1
    • Apple * 1/2
    • Corn * 100 g
    • Cucumber * 1
    • Celery * 2
    • Yogurt * 1 cup
    • Milk * 50 ml
    • Salt: It’s up to you.
    • Pepper: It’s up to you.
  • Steps
  1. Put the corn and potato in the hot boiling water until they’re fully cooked.
  2. Cut the cucumber into slices. And cut the apple, celery, eggs and half of potato into pieces.
  3. Smash the other half of potato and stir with milk. Season it with pepper and salt.
  4. Put all the ingredients together and put the yogurt in it.



3. Red peppers stuffed tuna

  • Ingredients
    • Red pepper * 1
    • Yellow pepper * 1
    • Canned tuna * 1/2
    • Green onion * 1
  • Steps
  1. Remove the pedestal and seeds in the peppers. And then cut it into half. Chop the two slices of pepper and green onion into pieces.
  2. Leach the excess oil from the canned tuna. Mix the tuna with the pepper and onion pieces together.
  3. Put all the ingredients in the half of the pepper.
  4. Enjoy the meal!



Useful Tips you need to know to count how many calories you eat.

1. Make good use of app resources to help you organize your plan.

2. Read the food labels. We usually ignore the food labels which provide us with a lot of information for calorie counting.

3. Make a plan of counting calories and keep track of it. Counting the calories is the same thing as we do the financial management and accounting weekly or monthly. First, you record how much money you spent and earn for a period. After that, you will know how much you spent and which part of it accounted for the most. Finally, you can think of some strategies to cope with that.



Amazing and helpful kitchen equipment make things easier.

As a designer, I’m always busy. To save time and be efficient, I try to find some easy-to-make and also low calories recipes. Moreover, I don’t have a kitchen space in my room. As a result, I focus on some meals which can be made by some simple equipment such as water boiling pot.

There is a saying in Chinese, ” to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. ” So before making dishes, we must make ourselves be well-prepared. Without having a kitchen space, I think having highly efficient and easy-to-use tools is necessary.

After a few testing with different equipment, I find out an amazing one which can boil, steam, simmer and saute! So for those who don’t have a certain area for cooking or the one who doesn’t have much time to cook, this must be helpful!

With ” Electric Cooker Hot Pot “, you can cope with breakfast, lunch, and dinner just using this pot!

For breakfast, I usually boil the eggs in the bottom pot and steam sweet potato and multigrain mantou on the top steamer. Waiting for 15 minutes, everything is done. Take out the eggs and sweet potato, then put some salad dressing on it. Or you can season it with salt and pepper.

For lunch and dinner, I boil the water and put all the stuff I want in it such as noodles, meat, and some vegetables. After 15-30 minutes, you can start to dig in! It’s quick and convenient. Not only can I save time, but I also can eat healthily and in low calories food!


Please feel free to ask me, if you have any questions!

Do you know the concept of ” calories in and calories out ” right now?

If you do, leave a comment with yes. If you don’t, leave a comment with no.

Or you can share anything you’d like to talk about with me!

8 thoughts on “The most important concept about dieting swimmers must know

  1. Brian says:

    Hello Sandy,
    Actually, I am a running guy, but this article still works for me. I like your low calories meals recipe that looks really delicious and healthy. And the Electric Cooker Hot Pot seems convenient for use, I will consider having one. Thank you for sharing!

  2. David Anichukwu says:

    Greate article! I love swimming though i just do it as a hobby but I never gave the meal consideration. Thanks for sharing such a grete information especially “How to make low calories meals easily for swimmers”.

  3. Todd P Matthews says:

    I can’t stress enough the importance of pre and postworkout nutrition. One way for people to become more aware of this is to realize that food should be looked at as fuel, while the types of food eaten should be related to one’s own fitness goals.

    That said, this is the first time I’ve really come across something for swimmers, so these types of foods are new to me. I’m looking forward to the Asian potato salad. It looks phenomenal.

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