Water Activities With Kids!! – 16 Brain New Ideas To Try In 2019

Summer is coming soon! How are you going to spend this summer with your kids? Without a doubt, water activities with kids are the best choice!!!

Water Activities With Kids This Summer In 2019!!

As I was a kid, I always look forward to the summer! As it is the perfect time to play! Until now, I still can’t forget the wonderful time playing with my sisters and cousins.

Be the coolest kid in this summer!!!

I did a bunch of research about the water activities and even evolve it into an advanced version!!

In this content, I try not to introduce the games you can find on the other pages before 2019. Instead, I event some new games and think of some brain new rules to spice up the activities, so, if you already try the classic water activities with kids before this summer. Take a look at something new below!!


Let’s Play In The Swimming Pool!!

Stay cool, body!! Running on the water, diving under the water with giant big water balls and balloon fighting are something you must try in 2019!!!

To give you guys brand new ideas, I think of some new games. Not seeing any pictures or photos on the Internet of it, I even draw the diagram myself to explain the game!! I believe it must bring a bunch of fun this summer!!

1. Running On The Water!

Have you ever try to run on the water??!! Running in the giant inflatable ball on the water surface can definitely be one of the coolest and exciting water activities with kids in this summer!!!


2. Balloon Fighting!!

Here is the way you can play with kids:

  • Rules:
      • At least 2- 4 people and divide into several teams.
      • Prepare at least 2 different colors of the balloon.
      • Each one team have the attackers and the protectors.
      • Count for 1-5 minutes (It’s up to you).
      • The attacker runs into the area with different colors and breaks the balloons.
      • The protectors defend the attackers and try to protect the balloons not to be damaged by the attackers!
      • Times up! Count the numbers of balloons of each team.
    • The team with the more win!



Seeing the SUPER WUBBLE BUBBLES floating on the water, the toddlers must run into it and can’t stop playing for the brand new day!


4. Play With Giant Water Ball Underwater

We often play games on the water surface! Be unique in this summer!! Let’s play the giant stuff and go nuts under the water.


Let’s Have Fun In the Backyard!!

Who says that playing water activities must go to the swimming pool?

Why not try some brilliant ideas playing just in the backyard?

Holding fascinating water activities with families and invite your neighbors to enjoy together!

Ready to star? Then, let’s dig in!

5. Water Balloon Volleyball

I believe you must have experience of playing volleyball in high school or college. But, do you know there is a water game version of it? That’s right! Try to replace the real volleyball of water balloons! Trust me, it can create a lot of fun!!

The stuff you need :

  • water balloons
  • a few pieces of cloth
  • net for separating the space

Here is the way you can play with kids:

  • Basic rules:
    • Divide players into 2 teams
    • Each team can be composed of several groups in the units of 4 people
    • Throw the water balloon to the other side of the net by using the cloth holding by players in each corner
    • The team which couldn’t catch the water balloons lose the point
  • Advanced rules:
    • In the advanced level, you guys can try throwing as many water balloons as possible!
    • And, each team can throw the balls at the same time!! Crazy right? Haha, then try it!


6. Water Balloon Dodge ball

If you can replace the volleyball with water balloons, why not try to replace dodge ball with water balloons as well?

This game is also creating a lot of fun. Moreover, it’s easy to be prepared! So if you are running out of water activities ideas and being in a rush. Try this one. It will definitely not let you down!

Here are also some different versions of water balloon dodge ball!

  • Color defending version:
    • Each one of the players should dress in white clothing.
    • Stuffing the water balloons with two different colors.
    • Start throwing the balls
    • Squeezing the water on the shirts into the calculating buckets and the team with the more quantity lose!
  • Color mixing version:
    • Each one of the players should dress in white clothing.
    • Stuffing the water balloons with different colors.
    • Make a lucky draw (the draw including several colors such as green, orange or purple, etc )
    • Each team picks one draw with a color on it.
    • The color you draw represent you should pick certain balloons and throw them on the enemy’s shirts to make the color. For instance, if I pick the color of orange. That means I should throw the balloons with red and yellow colors.
    • To avoid the enemy to win, you can have some tips, such as damage the red and yellow balloons.


7. Water Balloon Pinatas

Water balloon pinatas is a classic water activity you can play with kids! Later on, I’m going to share some advance version of water balloon pinatas. Keep reading!

8. Animal Rescue

This game can absolutely cool down your kids in the summer. Kids love ice and toys. Then mix the two elements together!!

In Animal Rescue, not only the rescuing is fun for the toddlers, but also the process of making the ice and putting the sea creatures toys into it. So, next time, if you want to make the ice cube stuffed with toys, invite the kids to do it with you!!


9. Animal Rescue And Sweet In Water Balloon Pinata

Remember the water balloon pinatas?

Let’s try something cool!

Stuffing toys and sweet inside the water balloons! It must be fun to see everything exploding from the balls!!


10.Beach Ball Blaster

Beach ball blaster is a team game that I highly recommended. Don’t hesitate! Make teams with your friends or neighbors and play together!!

The stuff you need :

  • stickers for the bottom line
  • inflatable ball
  • water gun stuff (prepare the weapon you like!)

Here is the way you can play with kids:

  • Basic rules:
    • Make two teams with players
    • Take the water weapon you like
    • Try to use the weapons splashing out the water to push the balls to cross the bottom line.
    • The judge stops the game after 5 minutes (you guys can set up the time )
    • The team which can push the ball cross the bottom in the end win!
  • Advanced rules:
    • This time, prepare more inflatable balls!!
    • The team can push the more number of the balls across the bottom line win!


11. Water Balloons With Paint

Water Balloons with Paint can be a good choice for the water activities ideas if you want to inspire some creativity and sense of beauty for kids!! And you know what? The toddlers like the colorful stuff!! You can even make the water balloons stuffing the painting colors with kids!!

The stuff you need :

  • Water balloons stuffing with colors
  • White platform
  • Goggles for kids

Here is the way you can play with kids:

  • Game 01:
    • Throw the color water balloons on the white platform as your heart’s content.
  • Game 02:
    • Fix the color water balloons on the white platform.
    • Shooting darts on the platform.


  • Keep eyes on the kids not to put color balloons into their mouth!
  • Guide the kids how to use the shooting darts right and not to throw it on others.


12. Chasing On A Giant Water Blob!

Can you imagine what’s the feeling to walk on the water land?

A Giant Water Blob is a great way to make your dreams come true!!

Moreover, it can be the basement for many games! You can put different stuff on top of it to spice up the game!!!

The kids will love it!!

For instance, water balls (sodium polyacrylate), water balloons, sea creature toys or sponge bombs can be great choices!

  • A Giant Water Blob with tons of water balloons

  • Glowing water blob

13. Giant Bubbles

The toddlers love bubbles! Here are some ideas you can make bubbles!!

  • Hanger
  • Robbins
  • Piles of straw
  • ………….

Here are the ways you can play with kids:

  • The bubble impossible mission:
    • Pick up some stuff at home or in the backyard and bring them on the table.
    • Each player can choose 3 stuff that they think is possible to make bubble with.
    • The one who can really blow the bubble by using the stuff win.
    • Remember, they can use not only one stuff at a time. The toddlers can try to use all of them.
    • This game can stimulate the kids to think how to use the resources wisely and inspire their creativity!
  • The bubble master:
    • Prepare the materials of strings, straws, etc.
    • Give the kids five minutes to make their bubble maker.
    • The one who can blow the biggest bubble win!
  • The bubble architecture:
    • Prepare the straws and pipe cleaner.
    • Give kids some time to make their 3D bubble maker.
    • The one who can make the 3D maker and successfully blow the bubbles win!
    • Get to know the detail instruction for the game!
  • The bubble creator:
    • Prepare the strings or straws.
    • Give the kids five minutes to make a cool shape by using the materials.
    • The one who can blow the bubbles win!



Let’s Keep Crazy At Night!!

Playing the whole day is not enough for naughty children. Let me share some brilliant ideas for the game and fascinating decoration at night!!!

14. Glowing Balloons On The Water

Glowing balloons floating on the water can drive the toddlers crazing all night!! Or you can use the glowing balloons as a decoration idea for the water party! Believe me or not, the shining balloons will turn your backyard into a fantasy!

Just put the glowing sticks into the balloons! Easy, right?? So why not give it a try?


15. Shining Water Balloon Pinatas

Remember the water balloons pinatas? Well, let’s play a glowing version of the pinatas! I haven’t seen anyone having the glowing water balloon pinatas at night. I can’t find any photos of this on the Pinterest or Google. That means no one tries this game before!! So if you play this game, please share the photos with me!!! I’m really looking forward to it!!!


16. Colorful Sticks In The Pool

If you’re lazy to put the glowing sticks into the balloons, you can just throw them into the pools! It’s still cool! Whether it is playing games in the pool or just relaxing at the party, the glowing water body can be a nice place to go!


Something You MUST Know Before Playing With Kids!

Ready to prepare for the water activities with kids? Well, there is something that parents need to know before the party! No matter how old are your kids and whether he or she can’t swim or not, please watch out their safety and don’t underestimate the water safety issue!!

According to the statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of unintentional injury death in the United States. About one in five people who die from drowning are children age 14 and even younger.

So please keep the water safety in mind!!


Well, that’s all the water game ideas I’d like to share with you guys!! I hope you can have a great time with your families and kids. Actually, some games do not exist yetXDD I’m also really want to know how’s the feeling to play those games with kids!!

Which game is the one you want to try the most??
Or which of the games you never see before and want to give it a try??

Please share your answer below and tell me why!!!

14 thoughts on “Water Activities With Kids!! – 16 Brain New Ideas To Try In 2019

  1. Jenifer Smallwood says:

    Thank you so much for this FUN post! My grand kids are coming to visit this summer and I can’t wait to try a few of these games with them.

    I live on the Texas coast just across the street from the beach. They love to visit Nana and play in the sand.

    So looking forward to this summer! Thanks again!

    All the Best,
    Jen Smallwood

  2. Tim Bremner says:

    I love this post. Makes me want to go outside and play some water games and be a big kid for a while.

    I especially like the night glow balloons and the dodge balloons, that looks like real good fun.

    Keep up the great work

  3. Todd P Matthews says:

    With summer on the horizon, it’s almost time for the water games to come out swinging once again. I remember when I was young, playing water balloon dodgeball and volleyball. Those were definitely fun times and it’s reassuring to see the screen era hasn’t wiped out outdoor games involving such activities.

  4. Antonio says:

    Wow that is a lot of different things you can do with Kids and water. It seems lot of fun for adults, and a step up from water pistols and guns. My own concern is that water is becoming a precious resource, and many people are on water meters. How do you do this and still have fun at home.

    • Sandy Zheng says:

      Hi, Antonio! Thanks for your comment! I like your view of point about playing the water but saving the water!! It really gives me a great direction to think about!! I’ll take what you said into consideration!

  5. Ashton says:

    These are so creative and sure to keep some bored kids busy, happy and cool. I’m excited for it to warm up around here so we can start giving these a try. I really like the water balloon lantern. I’m always looking for ways to decorate for an outdoor party!

  6. jen says:

    This is great. I was looking for ideas for my son’s summer birthday party and I think I like the water balloon piñata the best. We’ll definitely be trying that. You have some other really good ideas here also, but that one was my favorite.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Saane says:

    Oh! this is my kind of fun! thank you for sharing these great ideas. My kids are in their teens but even i want to enjoy the Wubble Bubbles and the glowing night balloons.
    i now have some great ideas to have for my nephew’s and nieces’s birthday parties.

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